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Google penalty

A Google penalty is the negative impact on a website’s search rankings based on a manual review or algorithm updates such as Google Penguin

Google Update - Penguin & Panda ExplainedGoogle Update – Penguin & Panda Explained
Page #1 Google SEO : – This is an amazing video by Josh, he now explains the updates by Google Panda and Penguin, hope you enjoy …

Google Penguin Update – Nope
Image credit to ShutterStock for shuffling penguin. There are some reports of major shuffling going on in the Google search results as of yesterday. I believe from the reports that it may be a Penguin update – but I do not have confirmation from Google on this yet.

know-your-enemy-the-new-seo-outsmarting-google-penguinKnow Your Enemy – The New SEO & Outsmarting Google Penguin
from benjaminlloyd, 1 year ago in Design
This is an updated presentation on SEO strategies for Google Penguin that was presented at the Portland Innotech eMarketingSummit 2013. Includes an overview of Penguin, a case study, and how to avoid Penguin by brand building through content strategy, development & marketing.

Beware the Panda (and Penguin): Google Algorithms Big On Content
Business 2 Community, on Mon, 06 Oct 2014 09:52:30 -0700
Penguin 2.1 weeds out low performers by monitoring things like links from malicious sites and spam comments. This algorithm wreaked havoc last year with huge numbers of sites experiencing a negative impact. Indeed, many critics have accused Google of …

Google Thinks You'll Find The New Penguin Update To Be …
If the latest comments from Google about a pending Penguin update are to be be believed, webmasters will find the update just delightful. In all seriousness, it does sound like it will be a little better for those affected, but …