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1 hour ago New Google Calendar events will now have a Hangout video call link. New
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Timeline of Google Search

Google Search , offered by Google , is the most widely used search engine on the significantly Other minor flux updates occur on October 3,

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HTC planning Google Play Edition of the new HTC One (Updated)
Ars Technica, on Tue, 25 Mar 2014 06:26:30 -0700
We're en route to the launch of HTC's new HTC One flagship smartphone, but in advance of the big announcement is some equally big news that has caught our eye. The boys at Android Police have spotted evidence of a Google Play Edition of the new HTC …

Google updates WebP image format, saves terabytes of data every …
Most of the images you encounter on the web come in the traditional file formats — JPG, PNG, and the ever-popular GIF. If Google has its way, though, you're going to start seeing a new kind of file called WebP. Google first