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Google Search (or Google Web Search) is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. See also: Google Penguin Google search features

Google Penguin, Diagnosis, Recovery, and PitfallsGoogle Penguin, Diagnosis, Recovery, and Pitfalls
Watch this video if you want to learn what links Google does not like, especially those that trip the Penguin algo ( We will go deep on …

Google Penguin Update: 12 Tips Directly From Google | WebProNews
Google Penguin Update: 12 Tips Directly From Google These tips have been available the whole time

google-penguin-presentationGoogle Penguin Update 2013
from AdelaRoger, 1 month ago in Business & Mgmt
Information about all the updates of Google penguin which occurs in 2013.

7 Content Marketing Tips For Getting Out From Under Penguin
IMSoup, on Wed, 05 Feb 2014 08:52:58 -0800
Since Google's Penguin updates, there has been a lot more emphasis on quality over quantity. It isn't about how much keyword-rich content you have or about how many sites are linking back to you. If the quality of your content and back links is bad