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Ethical questions: The Google Update was called Penguin . SEM has, however, nothing to do with link buying and focuses on organic SEO and

Google Penguin 2.1 update | Top 10 SEO ranking factors | Episode 29 That Marketing ShowGoogle Penguin 2.1 update | Top 10 SEO ranking factors | Episode 29 That Marketing Show
Penguin 2.1 update made Huge changes in SEO for Google. Coffy Group LLC, at is the #1 Rated Client Internet Marketing Firm for Businesse…

Google Penguin Update – Nope
Image credit to ShutterStock for shuffling penguin. There are some reports of major shuffling going on in the Google search results as of yesterday. I believe from the reports that it may be a Penguin update – but I do not have confirmation from Google on this yet.

google-penguinGoogle Penguin
from sqliagency, 1 year ago in Technology
Depuis la fin du mois d’avril, les articles concernant Google Penguin, la dernière mise à jour de l’algorithme Google, fleurissent sur la toile. Dans ces conditions, difficile de s’y retrouver et de trouver des sources pertinentes. Ce document combine donc les meilleures sources du web, et vous propose un récapitulatif des informations à retenir sur le Manchot Google.

Red Cherry Discusses How Google's 'Penguin' 2.1 Update Wreaks Havoc on …
SBWire (press release), on Thu, 19 Dec 2013 08:06:28 -0800
Calgary, AB — (SBWIRE) — 12/19/2013 — Late month on Friday, 4th October 2013, Google rolled out new update on its search analysis algorithm and named it Penguin 2.1, an extension to Penguin. The algorithm which is aimed at providing better results

Google Penguin 2.1: Who Got Hit? – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)
Penguin is back, and link spam cannot run and hide. With the 2.1 data refresh, G-Squared Interactive looked at factors that triggered 2.1,and said culprits included forum spam, blogroll spam and spammy directories, to name a