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In April 2012, Google launched the Google Penguin update the goal of which was to penalize websites that used manipulative techniques to

Google Penguin Attacks!Google Penguin Attacks!
Google Penguin Algorithm update has changed how Google is viewing on page copy. Find out what it is, when it happened, and how it will affect you. http://imc…

Google Penguin Update 3 Released, Impacts 0.3% Of English-Language Queries – GooglePenguin Update – Search Engine Land
Did Penguin Make Google's Search Results Better Or Worse. Google's Penguin Update Makes The Wall Street Journal. Google's New Stance On Negative SEO: "Works Hard To Prevent" It. Google's Webspam Algorithm Gets Official Name. Google's Got A Form For That.

penguin-recoveryPenguin recovery
from affiliateradio, 1 year ago in Business & Mgmt
Have you recently lost the search engine rankings you worked so hard to obtain? If so, then this may be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Google's Matt Cutts Celebrity Endorser For Penguin Popper
Search Engine Roundtable, on Mon, 30 Dec 2013 04:33:45 -0800
I keep wondering how this makes webmasters and SEOs feel, if they were the ones hit by the Penguin algorithm. Like a slap in the face? It breaks their spirits? This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, where we find fun and

7 top tips to avoid a Google Penguin penalty in 2014 | Wordtracker
Digital marketing strategist, Kunle Campbell, talks you through his 7 must know facts about the Google Penguin recovery for 2014. Find out what your SEO strategy should be addressing, so that you can have a great new year