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google-penguin-update-is-your-site-readyGoogle Penguin Update: Is Your Site Ready?
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The next Google update, Penguin, has been a hot topic for search marketers and there has been much anticipation of its launch. Google recently announced that Penguin will launch “as soon as it’s ready,” but remains vague on the specific timing. So what does that mean for marketers and what should they do now? Merove Heifetz, Associate Director of SEO & Digital Strategy and Bonnie Herman, Senior Account Manager of SEO & Digital Strategy will discuss what the Penguin update may entail, how to prepare your site and why it’s so important. In this webinar you will learn: • What you need to know about the upcoming Penguin update • What necessary steps to take to prepare your website for Penguin • How to identify if your site has been negatively impacted • How to manage the negative impacts on your website