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Seo District, Daejeon

Seo District (Seo-gu) is a gu ("district") of Daejeon, South Korea. Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall is also located there. Seo-gu is divided into 14 dong

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Finished with the basics of Search Engine Optimization? Ready to take it to the next level? Did you know your SEO strategy should use social media to build link authority? And that your social media strategy should leverage your blog content? And that your blog strategy should be guided by your SEO results? Learn how you can use blogging, social media and SEO together for even better results than any technique alone.

Barnacle SEO For Local Search
Business 2 Community, on Wed, 05 Aug 2015 13:03:45 -0700
Barnacle SEO, a term first introduced by Will Scott on Search Influence in 2011, is as applicable in today's local search environment as ever. The local search results for broad keyword search terms are often dominated by local or industry review sites

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