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new-windows-display-technology.aspx Brandon Chester (2014-08-26). "Google Updates Chrome To Version 37 With DirectWrite Support". Retrieved 2014-08-27

the-soda-report-11690932The 2012 SoDA Report
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**Download the report to see all content and formatting as intended. For the fourth year in a row, SoDA has compiled the thoughts and opinions of ≈700 marketers, agencies, technologists and digital industry insiders. Dozens of SoDA member companies have contributed thought-provoking articles and case studies to The SoDA Report (formerly known as the Digital Marketing Outlook). A broad array of guest contributors, CMOs and other senior-level digital marketers from a wide array of organizations (i.e., L’Oreal, Adobe, Google, Compete, E*Trade, Bloomberg and Samsung, among many other blue-chip brands) also provided their insights. The result: an invaluable planning resource for marketers and agencies in 2012. SoDA is releasing the publication in its traditional format today, and a tablet edition will be released in early March. SoDA will also be publishing smaller quarterly updates to The SoDA Report over the course of 2012. The study, conducted by SoDA and its research partner, Econsultancy, revealed significant information regarding budgets, hiring strategies and what marketers value the most. For example, the 2012 survey showed that increased self-reliance is an increasingly common mantra among many marketing organizations, with almost two-thirds citing internal resource growth as their primary approach to expanding digital marketing efforts this year. For those looking outward, almost one-third said they’re seeking to diversify their agency mix based on niche areas of expertise (vs. pursuing a “one-stop shop” digital partner). The publication also includes: • 4 editorial sections (Industry Insider, Modern Marketers, People Power & Tech Talk), including related research findings from the 2012 Digital Marketing Outlook Survey. Content focuses on subjects critical to the digital marketing industry today, from evolving agency models and partner ecosystems to transformations at marketing organizations aimed at becoming more consumer-centric to finding and cultivating top digital marketing talent. • One-on-one interviews with industry luminaries as well as panel discussions on topics ranging from change management to measurement and analytics. • Case studies spanning a wide array of industries and digital platforms to inspire and inform.

Google updates Messenger with adorable stickers and location sharing
Greenbot, on Thu, 09 Jul 2015 11:00:00 -0700
Why this matters: I still have no idea why Messenger exists. At first I thought it was an SMS alternative for low-end Android phones, for which the beefier Hangouts app would be slow. But as it grows and Google introduces new features to it, it's hard