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List of Google hoaxes and easter eggs

sequence. Product manager for Google Search launched Google Panda, a panda plush toy aimed to ‘change the face’ of Google Search. State of the art emotional

introduction-to-seo-presentation-16244738Introduction to SEO Presentation
from 7thingsmedia, ago in
7thingsmedia’s Founder & CEO , Chris Bishop, presented an intimate introduction into search engine optimization (SEO). Bishop took the group through the basics of how the various search engines work, how to efficiently rank in them and the key on page and off page ranking factors. Plus an Google Panda and Google Penguin update.

Not Panda: Google Confirms Another Core Search Algorithm Update
Search Engine Land, on Thu, 18 Jun 2015 05:59:08 -0700
Yesterday, I reported on some SEO chatter around a possible Google update. Google has confirmed with us that this was an update to the core search algorithm and nothing related to the Panda algorithm that we are expecting to see updated shortly.

Google Panda Update Coming In Upcoming Weeks
Google's Gary Illyes says webmasters can expect a Panda refresh within the upcoming weeks.