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Google Panda is the April Fools' joke you wish was a real product
Mar 31, 2015 In a video posted to Google Japan's YouTube page, the company introduced
Google Panda, its new adorable take on voice-enabled search.


"Google search algorithm" redirects here. For other search algorithms used by Google, see Google Penguin and Google Panda. PageRank is an algorithm

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google-panda-40-update-rolled-outGoogle Panda 4.0 Update rolled out
from mmfinfotech3, ago in Internet
With the latest Google Panda Update 4.0, which happens to be its 27th update, rules have become more strict for webmasters in terms of content quality.

Don't You Wish Google Panda Isn't An April Fools' Joke?
Tech Times, on Wed, 01 Apr 2015 19:49:16 -0700
Google Panda was introduced in a video that also showed Chris Yerga, Vice President of Engineering, talking about the product. There was also a demonstration of the product's "quick answering capabilities" and its three unique features done by Ozan …