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are harmful to your SEO today. Beginning with the Google Penguin release on April 24, 2012, Google began to punish sites that obtained links from article

Google Penguin 3 ReleasedGoogle Penguin 3 Released
Read more and the latest updates at It has been a year in the making and Google announced two weeks ago that Googl…

What Is Google Penguin – A Webopedia Definition
While Google Penguin shares similarities with two other algorithmic enhancement projects from Google, Google Panda and Google Hummingbird, Penguin's specific focus is on penalizing companies and web developers that deliberately try to "boost" their search engine rankings via manipulative SEO tactics.

google-penguin-update-webinarGoogle Penguin Update Webinar
from webimax, ago in News & Politics
What is going on in the minds of Google? Its recent Penguin Update on April 24th as well as the 1.1 refresh are discussed in this expert webinar that all web masters and business owners should see. Over 50 updates per month and more than 500 updates per year. There are more questions now than ever regarding how to best optimize your site and play within the rules set by Google. The future of SEO and Internet marketing has not only changed over the year but, most recently, over the past few

How Google Penguin Sunk the Cruise Market
Hit Search, on Wed, 18 Feb 2015 04:00:00 -0800
Google's Penguin algorithm is the search engine's top line of defence against spam links. It penalises site owners who rely on them, and only rewards those who clean up or disavow them – or who don't use them to begin with. Penguin certainly has

A Survivor's Guide To The Google Penguin Update …
A Survivor's Guide To The Google Penguin Update [Infographic]. March 10, 2015 written by:Eastyn Cazin. Having any kind of algorithmic penalty or manual action applied to your website is undoubtably one of the most frustrating problems any …