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Google has a long history of famous algorithm updates, search index changes
and refreshes. … Why Did Google's Pigeon Poop All Over Big Local Brands?

Timeline of Google Search

Google Search , offered by Google , is the most widely used search engine on the significantly Other minor flux updates occur on October 3,

Google I/O 2014: Chromecast UpdatesGoogle I/O 2014: Chromecast Updates
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Google Updates – Joomla – Documentation
These updates can have a significant impact on Search Engine Optimisation techniques – sometimes resulting in catastrophic de-listing of domains if a website is severely penalised as a result of an update – therefore should be followed closely by anybody engaged in improving SEO on websites. Content is Incomplete.

dominer-din-niche-med-google-updateDominer din niche med Google+ (Update)
from RobinHus, 1 month ago in Marketing
Få min 5-trins køreplan for, hvordan din virksomhed kan dominere din niche med Google+. Den rummer praktiske tips og er målrettet brugere go virksomheder, der endnu ikke er kommet igang med GooglePlus.

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Google Calendar now updates events in real time and …
Google today updated Google Calendar with three much needed improvements. The changes are live now; just head to to use the latest version. First up, you will now see updates without having to …