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View the complete Google Algorithm Change History as compiled by the staff of
Moz. Includes important updates like Google Panda, Penguin, and more.

Timeline of Google Search

Google Search , offered by Google , is the most widely used search engine on the significantly Other minor flux updates occur on October 3,

How Google's Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever - Whiteboard FridayHow Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever – Whiteboard Friday
Google’s Panda update has permanently changed the way we do SEO. Rand discusses how Panda updates work and how SEO best practices are having to change to kee…

Google updates
How many time Google been updated in a year and tell me the exact date of Google updating. The short answer is there isn't a set amount of times that google updates in a year, nor is there an exact date that they update. I am waiting for response.

penguin-and-panda-thriving-with-googles-updatesPenguin and Panda: Thriving with Google’s Updates
from globerunnerseo, 2 years ago in News & Politics
In this talk we took a look at the Google Penguin and Panda updates of 2012 and how that affected SEO. Also we covered SEO strategies that are long lasting.

Google Calendar now updates events in real time and finally supports the …
VentureBeat, on Thu, 30 Oct 2014 13:33:24 -0700
Google today updated Google Calendar with three much needed improvements. The changes are live now; just head to to use the latest version. First up, you will now see updates without having to refresh the web app. In other words …

Updates Roll Out to Google Drive, Camera, Android Wear …
The updates don't stop with Google Docs and Google Wallet today, as updates were just pushed to a large number of Google apps through Google Play. Inside a few, users will find Material Design makeovers, but in others, …